Our vision is to be the:

Largest                Energy            Development      COmpany in        Africa 

Current Challenges 

Africa is energy insecure. It is heavily dependent on biomass fuel. Over  80%+ of the biomass fuel consumed is from wood. Natural forests subsidize the supply to meet the demand, which causes deforestation. Large consumers like industries rely on cheaper sources of energy in order to maintain competitiveness. Although there are established sustainably sourced biomass fuel suppliers in North America, Africa is in dire need of a consistent supplier that can supply at a meaningful magnitude and price. 

Wecol's Solution


We grow energy crops in the form of DRG, in partnership with NULANDS, in ARID and SEMI-ARID Lands (ASAL) so that it does not infringe upon food-cropland


We harvest the DRG. Process it into renewable biomass fuel that can be used as the BEST SUBSTITUTE for COAL and WOOD FUEL 


DRG briquettes / pellets is a biomass fuel that provides thermal energy or firm power. It can be transported over great distances at comparable prices to coal. 

Does DRG compete with coal and wood?


UPSTREAM PARTNER: from seed to harvest

FUNDING PARTNER: funding is the life blood of a business 

LEGAL COUNSEL: we have to stay protected

PROJECT SUPPORTER: Advice is never enough 

HARDWARE PARTNER: our fuel needs to run something

ADVOCACY PARTNER: you thrive in a conducive environment